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Peacock cross stitch progress

I have two works in progress at the moment: a peacock cross stitch, and a rust brown scarf. The scarf I only started in the last week, but the cross stitch is a long term WIP, so it’s theoretically being … Continue reading

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Jupiter Embroidery

Okay, well. I hadn’t intended for this blog to be about old pieces of work. But the whims of ‘The Internet’ intrigue me, and over the last couple of days, a piece of my work has been highlighted on MAKE … Continue reading

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Balloon thoughts

I’m currently attempting to finish a large cross stitch. One that was begun (not by me) at least 5 years ago, but has since been in storage. The crosses in border were pretty much all done, then the crafter started … Continue reading

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It begins (again)

It’s time to sink my teeth into blogging about my craft. I’ve blogged for years about my adventures in video games, but now that I’m not gaming as much, I’ve stopped blogging there. And I miss it. But I’ve always … Continue reading

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