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Wren brooch, finished

Quick post to say I’ve finished my little wren brooch for a friend:

Photo 3-10-2013 7 31 26 pm

It’s my first go at needlepainting, and my first time using timtex/interfacing to make a brooch, so I’m pretty pleased with the experience.

I was tempted to make a stitched/beadwork edge, but decided to leave it simple.

Things I’m not pleased with:

  • the positioning on the oval, the weight of the piece is too far to the right,
  • and the wire he sits on is too close to the edge
  • the wing is a bit ‘outliney’. I used three different shades, but I wish I’d softened the edges more
  • It’s altogether a little larger than I’d like for a brooch

Next time I’d make the whole thing smaller, not only would this make it smaller (duh) but it would also be easier to position inside the oval so that its centre of gravity was balanced. Also, extra white space would give me some room for a pretty border.

And for those interested in birds (like me!) he’s one of these: A cute little wren native to where I live, southern Australia. Gorgeous birds with delightful behaviours. I miss seeing them on the lawn since I moved to¬† Melbourne from Tassie.

Buuuut, pleased with him anyway. My first embroidery of this style and my own design, and a commission/request from a very special lady, so I’m looking forward to giving it to her tomorrow.

Reference image for my stitching is here, for anyone interested: