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Recent dabblings – including kogin

I recently took a break from my office work (eight weeks!) partly as an attempt to get my health back on track, and partly because work has been so quiet it was driving me a bit crazy. But the break gave me some time to sit and stitch and experiment. Some positive stitchy things came out of this:


I decided that poor old Jack would need to be started again. the fluffy nature of the linen I was working on was distracting, and the ‘disappearing ink’ I’d used to mark out the pattern was giving me nightmares.

Photo 4-11-13 10 14 24 AM

So I bought new *good* linen and a very fine archival pen to mark him out anew. I’ll also probably do him half size this time and then perhaps plan out a King and Queen to accompany him. We shall see. Work hasn’t begun on this yet.

Tambour needles

I bought some tambour needles and started practicing with them. A little every day and I’m still slow, but getting there. I have crocheted for years and so expected the tambour movement to flow naturally for me – but this feels very different to crochet. I am clumsy still! No photos of my tambour yet!


I bought some Coton a broder in a small handful of colours, to try with my tambour work. I love this thread! I played with quite a few stitches including some knotted stitches, satin stitch and darning…
Photo 1-10-2014 12 28 46 pm
… and although it is nice to tambour, I think it’s much more flexible than that, so I’ve started hunting down more and have a slightly larger shipment of coton a broder on the way.

But in experimenting with the Coton a broder, I re-discovered Kogin embroidery.

Browsing through the beautiful photos of others’ work on the web, my partner walked past and said “why have you never done any of that?” Good question!

So I started charting up some of the patterns that I liked. And dug through all (yes, all!) of Caro-roses’s Hishizashi patterns, picked a few out and stitched.

Photo 11-10-2014 1 52 53 pm

And stitched and stitched.

Photo 14-10-2014 11 11 00 am

Trying different threads and fabrics and patterns and… ordered some Japanese books on the subject and yes. And some beautiful vintage Japanese fabric and some Olympus thread.

Photo 15-10-2014 4 00 07 pm

Got a bit carried away.


For anyone keen to follow up on Kogin, this is a nice read for the cultural and historic background to this stitching technique: http://jtex.wordpress.come/categor/kogin/. But there’s heaps of great information and examples out there.

Ah well, I’m back at work now, so I will need to get used to the work-stitching balance again. Perhaps that will calm my kogin frenzy.

But probably not 🙂