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Balloon thoughts

I’m currently attempting to finish a large cross stitch. One that was begun (not by me) at least 5 years ago, but has since been in storage. The crosses in border were pretty much all done, then the crafter started on the leaves in the upper branches in the foreground when life intervened. After a couple of house moves it got kind of forgotten until I went on a ‘finish all unfinished things’ binge and it entered my sights.

The leaves ARE a slog. Thousands and thousands of crosses quarter stitches, all in blended threads, in groups of at MOST five stitches. But I’m slogging through it, determined not to start a new embroidery until this is done. I break it up a little, doing a bit of back stitching when the leaves get too much. Like this:

Peacock cross stitch detail
Peacock cross stitch detail

This is an older photo, I’ve actually progressed much further than this now. But still it’s been a long haul, and I’m hoping that once I’ve finished the leaves and go back onto the peacock, the background and the grasses underneath… that it will feel less like a chore.

And stitching shouldn’t feel like a chore. But although this is beautiful, the reason I’m not enjoying it is because it’s not my design. Now that I’ve a taste of making my own designs, I want to do more. My Jupiter embroidery was a labour of love, and I have so many more ideas ready to go…

The one I’m currently sitting on is the view out my window each morning: six or so hot air balloons over the yellow-blue skyline. Horizon of jumbled low buildings. A steeple.

I’ll get there.