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It begins (again)

It’s time to sink my teeth into blogging about my craft. I’ve blogged for years about my adventures in video games, but now that I’m not gaming as much, I’ve stopped blogging there. And I miss it.

But I’ve always *made* things. I’ve always had three projects on the go, and 400 more lined up in my mind. So I’m hoping to use this place as an informal documentation of my work, and my ideas: to keep track of it all.

I was diligent/regular in my last blog, posting two or three times a week. But as it got more popular I started to get bogged down in trying to make it perfect; investing hours in every post. The aim for this crafting blog is for it to be more of a sketch book: quick posts to record progress, to chart my ideas and inspiration, and take little snaps of finished objects.

Looking forward to filling this space with handmade 🙂