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Starting again

I’m inspired to blog again and record my thoughts as I stitch. A journal, intended primarily for me, and secondarily for anyone else who might be interested. No rules for myself except one: to relax about this. And just do. … Continue reading

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Getting over myself

I’ve been playing with my new coton a broder threads: they are delightful, glossy and strong and bright. I bought a handful of colours and some lovely linen twill from Hedgehog handworks. They took a while to fly their way … Continue reading

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Pintangle: Take a stitch Tuesday

I just discovered this glorious embroidery challenge: Take-a-stitch-Tuesday. I know, I’m VERY late on the scene 🙂 For anyone else new, it’s run by sharonb over at PinTangle, and the idea is to create a space where embroiderers can try … Continue reading

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How to find an image’s real source

Sometimes when I’m browsing the beautiful crafty images on tumblr or pinterest, I come across images without the original source acknowledged.  I like the originator of a beautiful piece to be credited, so I when I reblog/repin, I add the … Continue reading

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Thoughts. Maybe food for inspiration.

Imagine all of the people you brush against during your day, all of the hundreds, maybe thousands. You speak with a handful of them. Maybe when you order a coffee, perhaps when you pick up your mail, or even just … Continue reading

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Tumblr radar

ZOMG! *deep breath* My Jupiter embroidery is on the Tumblr radar! I knew something weird was up. I checked my mail after watching some Grand Designs (as you do) and I suddenly had a heap of new followers. A little … Continue reading

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It begins (again)

It’s time to sink my teeth into blogging about my craft. I’ve blogged for years about my adventures in video games, but now that I’m not gaming as much, I’ve stopped blogging there. And I miss it. But I’ve always … Continue reading

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