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Cat dreams

Backed and quilted. The texture really shone this morning in the low light.


I sighed as I felt the softness of the red and orange damasks from Deb. Now that they are quilted down, they are soft and strong. I am so pleased.

After a trip out early to the market, I wrapped the edge of the backing around the whole cloth and stitched it down. Now it feels whole and done. Ready for gift-giving as a bookmark. I played with rolling and unrolling it.



I also decided to add some thread beads to the moon, it just needed some more texture. Using Jude‘s technique of sewing in the ‘in between’.


And from last night, some weaving.


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Curls and stairs

I’ve been working on this piece over the last couple of days.




I needed to go to the city yesterday. While there I visited one of my favourite places, the Nicholas Building in Swanson Street. It’s a glorious small building, with an old cage lift, internal arched stain glass ceilings and little details everywhere that surprise. It also has four GREAT shops: Buttonmania, Maria George beads, L’ucello and Kimono house. I visited the latter and bought some vintage japanese fabric. If you’re a crafty person visiting Melbourne, you HAVE to visit this building and venture upstairs.

And THOSE stairs.


So beautiful.

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The stitching goes slowly today. I pieced some 4×4 inch squares. They will be little pages. And started a page. There will be some birds again. 🙂

A shopping trip in the morning ate up a few hours. Got some badly needed shoes for walking, and some shorts that fit. Necessities, especially as the weather is warming up.

But even with the warmer weather I have a fluffy limpet by my side. He is glad we are back.


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A day

Today was a beautiful day. My man and I went for a walk around the lake in the morning, and then to the post office in the afternoon. And we washed the car. I love washing the car. Plus I sent some emails I had to send so yay, it was a JOB day.

But I did get a little stitching done. More flames…

Photo 4-11-2015, 7 07 04 PM


And some silly closeups of some of the other faces…




Some face ideas I sketched… some based on existing cartoon cats. Just for another idea bank.


And my own soft lion.

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Thinking, drawing and cats

Warning: many images in this posts: cats, doodles and ideas.

This week, I went to the Cat Cafe in Melbourne with some friends from work. You can read about the cafe here, but for the purposes of this post, I’m just going to throw some photos I took while I was there. It was a strange experience, but the cats were beautiful.

Photo 13-11-2014 1 03 56 pm
Photo 13-11-2014 1 30 30 pm Photo 13-11-2014 1 46 40 pm Photo 13-11-2014 1 44 22 pm Photo 13-11-2014 1 40 53 pm Photo 13-11-2014 1 38 55 pm Photo 13-11-2014 1 16 14 pm Photo 13-11-2014 1 07 40 pm Photo 13-11-2014 1 07 25 pm Photo 13-11-2014 1 06 41 pm

Okay that’s enough cats. 😉

This week has been more of a thinking week than a stitching week for me. I’ve been mucking around with my ‘electronics’ pieces, adding little components as I feel the whim. This is fun, but I’m in the midst of thinking about something larger – more significant and closer to my current line of thought.

Confession time. I’m a doodler. I have lots of ideas when I’m doodling but they are lost in a million different work notepads. So I’m going to start to keep my doodles in one book that I take with me everywhere (including boring meetings).

This is the kind of thing I doodle:

Photo 17-11-2014 12 19 34 pm

Repetitive, rhythmic, patterned but also organic.

So yesterday I went to the library in search of a book about cell biology, and started browsing. So many inspiring textures and images:

Photo 17-11-2014 12 42 56 pmPhoto 17-11-2014 12 48 48 pmPhoto 17-11-2014 12 22 13 pm Photo 17-11-2014 12 42 37 pm Photo 17-11-2014 12 42 45 pm

I sketched as I browsed and now I have a myriad of ideas that I can’t wait to stitch.