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Curls and stairs

I’ve been working on this piece over the last couple of days. I needed to go to the city yesterday. While there I visited one of my favourite places, the Nicholas Building in Swanson Street. It’s a glorious small building, … Continue reading

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No more red carpets

… just stitching. Here is the funny┬árobot with a tie. I have since added a … halo thing over him. I’m not sure why. And. This little cat face. He’s very simple, but I think I might be happy with … Continue reading

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Starting again

I’m inspired to blog again and record my thoughts as I stitch. A journal, intended primarily for me, and secondarily for anyone else who might be interested. No rules for myself except one: to relax about this. And just do. … Continue reading

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Pintangle: Take a stitch Tuesday

I just discovered this glorious embroidery challenge: Take-a-stitch-Tuesday. I know, I’m VERY late on the scene ­čÖé For anyone else new, it’s run by sharonb over at PinTangle, and the idea is to create a space where embroiderers can try … Continue reading

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Embroidery, patterns and sight-seeing

Another little update of my stitches and life in general. I’ve been working on Jack this week, but most of that’s not been on Jack himself but on the samplerish side-cloth where I’m testing out ideas: I’ve sketched out the … Continue reading

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Updates: knitting, embroidery, food!

I’ve been busy! But not posting as much as I’d like, so here’s a pretty huge dump of some images from my last month or so. I’ve been knitting almost every day. Some lovely Kinfolk hand dyed yarn into socks: … Continue reading

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How to find an image’s real source

Sometimes when I’m browsing the beautiful crafty images on tumblr or pinterest, I come across images without the original source acknowledged.┬á I like the originator of a beautiful piece to be credited, so I when I reblog/repin, I add the … Continue reading

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Current project – blackwork solar system

Just some snaps of my current project. I had this idea for the sun and little planets in their current position. For the colour blocks I was looking for a technique to show both pattern/order as well as complexity/variation, and … Continue reading

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