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Still stitching

… despite the heat. Four days of sweltering heat, 37C, 35C, 41C, 38C. Not sure what that is in Fahrenheit for those in USA. 100 or so? Around that. Hot. Too hot to feel like stitching, too hot to feel like … Continue reading

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Still going…

It’s been hot and humid for a few days. The blueberry plants seem to enjoy this, but I don’t. Javi has been struggling to stay cool. But then he does keep pressing himself into the warmest places in the apartment. … Continue reading

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The satisfaction of pairing

Today was a bit more productive, I am very happy with this bird from this morning’s stitching. His name is Mr Swampy. And that’s it for the bright fabrics I own. His body is beautiful blue silk from SpiralDyed on … Continue reading

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Almost no stitching today. Nothing worth sharing here yet. But I did start Christmas cooking.   Just mixing today. Steaming tomorrow. The apartment smells like heaven.

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Soft Spring evening

And just now. The warm Spring sunlight on the buildings, and treetops. And the Sky. Just as I took this a flock of corellas flew by, warbling their joy in the moment. White against the golden sky. And my little … Continue reading

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The stitching goes slowly today. I pieced some 4×4 inch squares. They will be little pages. And started a page. There will be some birds again. 🙂 A shopping trip in the morning ate up a few hours. Got some … Continue reading

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Alpaca… or maybe horse?

There is an alpaca (llama?) outside my apartment. Okay so there is other strange stuff outside my apartment. Stuff that isn’t usually there. But an alpaca! Or maybe a tiny horse?!

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