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Still going…

It’s been hot and humid for a few days. The blueberry plants seem to enjoy this, but I don’t.


Javi has been struggling to stay cool. But then he does keep pressing himself into the warmest places in the apartment. The windows are hot.


I’ve been stitching. I’ve been embellishing the bird book pages in an attempt to create a sense of place for each bird. And I’ve been naming and ‘verbing’ each bird. To suggest story, but not with any planning, just going with it. And not to over-tell a story, but to allow a child to weave their own.

I admit that I put myself through hell embellishing Walter. That brown sheeting is so tight, it’s not fun to hand stitch.


And I don’t usually do this, but I have another project on the go. One evening when the light wasn’t so crash-hot, I started randomly piecing some scraps. And I liked the base it created.


Then I thought it was such warm, dark colours: maybe it’s a place a cat could curl up. And dream. So that’s what this is becoming.


I worked on it some more last night, now the dream is twining more and there is a moon.

2 thoughts on “Still going…

  1. This is my first trip to your blog and since my computer is a bit slow I had to wait for the post to come up. That gave me time to marvel at the embroidery you used as your background. A-ma-zing!!!! I love your birds as well – sorry walking Walter was so difficult! I’ll be back!

    1. Hi Susan! thanks for stopping by 🙂
      Glad you like my background, I wasn’t sure if it was a bit busy… And Walter is a nice guy once you get to know him. And once you’ve bandaged your fingers 😉 Please say Hi if you visit again! :0D

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