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Still going…

It’s been hot and humid for a few days. The blueberry plants seem to enjoy this, but I don’t. Javi has been struggling to stay cool. But then he does keep pressing himself into the warmest places in the apartment. … Continue reading

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This morning: some fruit picking in brilliant sunshine. Home with a bounty. Raspberries, youngberries, loganberries. We will eat some fresh, some will go into frozen yoghurt. Yum. And back to birds this afternoon. Beautiful fabric from Deb, I don’t even … Continue reading

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This morning was a long walk to South Melbourne market, around the lake. And then back home, around the lake. About two hours walking on a sunny morning. The flies were horrendous on the way back. It’s a bad year. … Continue reading

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Feeling flat this evening. Not sure why. Sitting on the floor as his royal highness stole my stitching spot when I attended to the laundry. I’ve ordered a Fat Baggy! Which is exciting, but I think it’s partly responsible for … Continue reading

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Birds settled for the moment

I think my birds are done for now,┬áin terms of embellishment. I need to back them and quilt them. But I’m putting them aside, while I start my next thought. The last bird was very much a What If bird … Continue reading

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Seven birds

I spent the morning out at breakfast and markets. I noticed these beautiful flowers at the cafe we had breakfast. Thinking I could do this in stitches somehow: And for lunch we had nordic bread and cucumber lassi. Honestly that … Continue reading

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Squares of birds

I’m starting to worry that the squares are little cages. Note to self: let the birds roam around a little.   My first bird somehow became a little parrot. Javi is looking outside for birds. But they are right here! … Continue reading

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Last night I made some squares and rectangles using the paperless piecing method that Jude Hill teaches on her Feel Free pages. No plan in mind, just to practice the technique and to start building a little library of small … Continue reading

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