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Still stitching

… despite the heat. Four days of sweltering heat, 37C, 35C, 41C, 38C. Not sure what that is in Fahrenheit for those in USA. 100 or so? Around that. Hot. Too hot to feel like stitching, too hot to feel like … Continue reading

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White and colour

Today. Stitching in white. And in the background, a beautiful pile of soft, vibrant fabric from Deb Lacativa. Soon to become birds and critters.

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Feeling flat this evening. Not sure why. Sitting on the floor as his royal highness stole my stitching spot when I attended to the laundry. I’ve ordered a Fat Baggy! Which is exciting, but I think it’s partly responsible for … Continue reading

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Face cloth finished

Lots of images today. I like the details that emerged here, so here they all are. Front and back: And then each of the characters. Wild cat Pensive Incan sculpture man: Magnificent flame mane: Trapped in TV: Shirt shirt man: Ciao … Continue reading

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Getting wilder… and time sinks

Last night, Sue from Tortoise Loft posted about some new needlework she’s working on, inspired by images on Flickr from an embroidery book posted by the Internet Archive. I headed over to have a look, and then spent WAY too … Continue reading

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Thinking, drawing and cats

Warning: many images in this posts: cats, doodles and ideas. This week, I went to the Cat Cafe in Melbourne with some friends from work. You can read about the cafe here, but for the purposes of this post, I’m … Continue reading

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